Virtual trial:

For most of Home furnishing purchases, when a person buys on line, by seeing a image, which is highly simulated and designed to look great, the buyer imagines it will look nice in his house and then invests and buys irrevocably. Similarly when he buys from a store, he has to imagine that it will look nice in his home. He has NO way of trying it out, as he would an apparel clothing like a dress!!!

Here we reduce the risk that it may OR may not look good and enhance your decision making more precisely.

Just click a photo of where you want a curtain / bed sheet / bed spreads / carpets / furniture / quilts / rugs/ pillow / pillow cover / sofa cover, etc, from your smartphone and mail it to us with your choice of product.

For a small fee of Rs.100/ (Which will be discounted from the actual price, once you finalize and buy the product) we will use the best of technology and show how the product will look in your own home, in your own photo!!!!!!

So you buy, ONLY AFTER you are convinced it will look good in your home.

As the famous saying goes…..Ghar bhaitke Ghar sajao, …. Just add ….. Pasand aiye to hi kharido !!!!

Hence when you purchase, you already know how the above selected product, will look, and as the Rs 100 is also included in the end purchase, its actually at free of cost service !!!!!!

And if you do not like the product in your photo, do not buy, where by you have saved your investment by spending only Rs.100/!!!!

It’s an absolute win win situation especially as all products are qualitative selected and are of wide range of current popular designs and costing. You also have the option for ordering un-standard specific dimensions / sizes.

Now see below, product selected and shown in the actual home photo: (There is a guide on how to click the photo)


Image for Trail

Trial Result



Mr Rohit & Mrs Sheetal Khaladkar. Just returned from Toronto Canada, Residents of Pune, Maharashtra. Mr Rohit is Currently working with NTT Data.

My mother cannot come to shop and cannot understand all designs on major portals. But after selecting and trying out on this virtual trial, she selected the design, saw how it would look and after buying is fully satisfied. She is not depressed any more and is fully thrilled. Also not cheap quality, it good material, absolute Value for Money.


Mr Vishnu Reddy and Mrs Deepthi Reddy, native of Kurnool, Andhra Pradesh. Mr Vishnu is currently a senior programmer with Alcatel – Lucent, Bangalore.

Impressive!! Absolute convenience on knowing how our to be purchase will look before spending actual money. After purchase it also looks just as was shown!!!


Mr Vijay Kumar & Mrs Shilpa Shri. Mr Vijay is a Principal having Technical Institutes in Tumkur and Tiptur.

Last time we bought a bed sheet and curtain, it did not look as good as we perceived it would. Our investment got wasted as we don’t use them any more. We tried this Virtual trial feature this time and are very happy that what we selected suits our interior as shown.

Only the best and latest designs are offered. The pricing is the best offered in its category.

Only AFTER your full payment and confirmation of order is the product manufactured expressly to your order, hence Orders once placed cannot be cancelled or returned. So although it takes a while to reach you, the inventory investment cost is not incurred hence not passed on to the buyer thus making it cheaper on pricing than other e commerce sites for the same products. Also the product thus manufactured to order is not aged and is fresh in material and design.!!!!

Once again, a perfect value to your money!!!!

So go Ahead and Happy Shopping…….