How to List

  1. How to click proper photos for relevant products
    1. For curtain: Take photo of the location / window / door, when Sun / sun light, is NOT shining into the camera.
    2. For Sofas etc,: Keep sofa clear of any other add ons./ cushions. / obstructions.
    3. Preferably use 8MP camera and above for good resolutions.
    4. Ensure area to assess is properly lighted. There should be good amount of light falling on the place to assess.
    5. After taking photo please ensure the picture quality is clear, sharp and proper colours.
    6. For Beds please ensure full bed is clearly seen without any obstructions.


  1. How to upload photos and send choice of product

Select the product you want to take trial for.

Select the colour.

Click on TRY button.

Select the photo you have taken by clicking on Select File.

Hold cursor on Select File and it will show the file name selected.

Amount will Display Rs.100/ Charge.

Add to Cart.

Proceed for payment.


  1. How to Order

Select the product you want to purchase.

Select the colour shade

Click the buy button.

Purchase price is displayed.

Add to cart.

Proceed to Check out and follow instructions to provide billing and despatch details.

Complete payment.

Order is placed.

  1. How to get refund of Photo discount on purchase

After trail when we mail you your photo containing the product and shade you selected, we will mail you a Rs.100 n Discount coupon which will be effective only once for the purchase of your choice.

When making payment for the product you selected and did photo trail, you will be asked for the coupon code. Use and fill the code, automatically the purchase price will be discounted by Rs.100/.

  1. How to keep self-updated on your products and offers

Sign up for our Newsletter by providing your e mail details.

A newsletter is regularly distributed updating you on News, Articles, Products and Offers.

  1. How to give customised orders

Select the Custom Order tab.

Provide details asked.

Selecting URL….. Copy paste from the product you selected.

In the Size and quantity, Please advise what size Curtain Width (Horizontal) and Length (Vertical) you want.

Vertical Length can be of your choice, but Width will be in multiples of default fabric width, which is usually 48 Inches.

Also you can opt for Lining, both Plain white Cotton OR white Satin. Please mention the size or your default selection and we will mail you the appropriate costing.


  1. How to process International Shipping Orders

Click the International Tab.

Fill all details,

We will revert with pricing, despatch details and Payment process.