Lamya and Tanya” are two sisters who after graduating from US and attaining lots of hands on combined experience in Home furnishing, requested their father to form a company to provide a totally NEW never before in the world experience of purchasing Home furnishing products On line.

Hence “Lamya and Tanya” Home furnishing, with its portal , was formed and is solely created and owned by Mr Mihir Patil.

The Company has a wide range of specially selected popular fresh designs, manufactured specifically by order on Indias best machines, by a team headed by Lamya and Tanya, under total control and direction of Mr Mihir Patil. The team has members who are specialists in these fields with a long, wide and deep knowledge of designs, fabrics and costing, to bring great value to the products being sold here.

In this maze of E-commerce, where every major portal ahs thousands of choices in each category, its humanly impossible to see all range and then make a choice as buyer often gets lost.

So to get over this, our team has concentrated and selected only a few top most choices in each category at never before prices. So we have already done some shopping for you. Now you only need to choose what you like.

To add to this convenience, we offer Virtual trial. A worlds first. Now you can try the product virtually, visually in your home and at Free of cost – if you purchase your selected products !!!!

We will always lead the way in creativity. This is only the beginning and there are many such worlds first we are going to do. People will always copy and follow us, but as we put the benchmarks, we shall always provide the best on line shopping experience clubbed with some personal attention, unlike portals which have no Human touch left!!!

Office Address:

H. No. 47, First Floor, 3rd Cross,

Vidya Sagar Layout, Khembhathalli Main Road,

Next to 2 Water Tanks, Gottigere,

Bannnergetta Road, Bangalore – 560083.

Land Line – 080 – 66140334

E Mail ID –